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Total Energy Controls

Catagory: Energy Control/Automation Sys.
Location: Dublin

Make your heating system think for itself
Save up to 40% on your heating bills

Total Energy Controls

Total Energy Controls Ireland supplies intelligent energy saving systems.The products comprise a range of Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Boiler Management Systems, War Air/Radiant Tube Heater Controls and Gas & Heat Detection/Alarm Systems.

Heating and Management Systems

Compatible with Mains Gas, LPG and Oil, TEC Systems use a unique Variable Thermal Response control program which intelligently manages boilers and warm air burned, maximizing efficiency whilst ensuring the demand of the heating system is met in full.

TEC systems take into account all variable factors including level of demand, external/internal temperature and hot water requirements. A host of additional energy saving features are introduced across the wide product range.

A full communications package is available for the larger systems to enable the user to remotely access the TEC System to view and/or change any of the settings or download historical data.
Dramatic Energy Savings

Combining proven techniques with microprocessor technology, TEC Systems can reduce fuel consumption up to 40% delivering impressive paybacks, typically between 12 and 24 months.

Many TEC systems may qualify for capital allowances.

Help the Environment

The responsibility to protect the environment is shared by us all.
The burning of fossil fuels releases thousands of tones of CO2 gases into the atmosphere every year adding to the Greenhouse Effect.
TEC Systems significantly reduce emissions and their impact on the environment.

Total Energy Controls Systems provide one of the most cost-effective means of reducing Energy Bills.

List of Services

Service Nationwide
  • Heating Management Systems
  • Gas Leak/Carbon Monoxide or Heat Detection Alarm System
  • Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning Controls

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Contact Details
Total Energy Controls

Enviroquip, Suite 6, Glasnevin Business Center, 278 Glasnevin Avenue,
Dublin 11.
Contact Name:
Tel: 01 8643539
Fax: 018643543
Email: info@enviroquip.ie
Web: visit website
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