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Developers can explore a wide range of new technologies that will enable them to decrease energy consumption within the residential, commercial, and public buildings that they build, while also making them more marketable.

  1. New Technologies - explore the viability of new energy technologies including heating and lighting methods, and include these in development schedules
  2. Lighting Technologies - incorporate new lighting technologies including centralised lighting systems, LED lighting, and other low voltage lighting, into the design stage for any project.
  3. Work Closely with Lighting and Energy Consultants - as part of the design stage, ensure that all project managers ? including architects and QS ? work with designated and qualified lighting and energy experts in order to understand the latest technologies, and determine how those might be used to minimise energy consumption over the life of any structure.
  4. Passive Systems, Higher-spec Doors/Windows, and Insulation - incorporate higher specifications in order to achieve energy savings.
  5. Demonstrate Energy Savings - demonstrate to your target audience the benefits of new technology, and note energy savings over a specific time period, in order to effectively market your build.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can decrease energy use. For more information, see our articles.

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