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Business Owners

If you are a business owner, and own or rent an office or building, you can substantially reduce your overheads and increase bottom-line profitability by incorporating energy-saving technologies and procedures into your business plan.

  1. The Energy Plan - draw up a plan and conduct research that will identify methods to minimise energy costs. Conduct financial analysis to demonstrate positive Return on Investment of any system(s) installed. Estimate savings, determine pay-back (break-even) period, and effect on bottom line over the life of installed systems.
  2. Training and Awareness - train staff to turn off unneeded lighting, computers, and other electrical items.
  3. Lighting Technologies - install infrared or proximity lighting systems that automatically turn off unnecessary lights
  4. Heating and Insulation - put all current heating systems on timers. Reduce heat during off-peak and holiday periods. Ensure adequate insulation
  5. Compare Suppliers - explore alternative electricity and gas suppliers to cut costs.
  6. Passive Systems - explore, and install, passive systems such as window blinds that can keep heat in when it?s cold; reflect heat when it?s hot.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can decrease energy use. For more information, see our articles.

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