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About Us

Our Mission

Allaboutenergy.ie was established in 2007 as a one-stop resource website and portal to enable homeowners, apartment dwellers, business owners, managers of public buildings, and developers increase energy efficiency and awareness.

The mission statement of www.allaboutenergy.ie is to:

  • Provide our site visitors with knowledge that will enable them to stay abreast of changing developments in all areas relating to energy including new and developing energy technologies, as well as information and analysis on energy consumption;
  • Provide access to a wide range of suppliers of energy-related products and services in order to quickly access those services in your area.
  • Mobilise individuals, businesses and communities to make their contribution to reducing carbon emissions through energy efficiency and use sustainable energy sources in order to maintain the affordability of energy and to combat global warming.

Ultimately, the purpose of www.allaboutenergy.ie is to promote energy savings and awareness, and to facilitate the visitors to our website to achieve those savings.

Allaboutenergy.ie enables site visitors to:

  • Access up-to-date news about changing energy technologies and developments
  • Source local suppliers of energy-related products and services
  • Gain knowledge and information ? to enable site visitors to increase awareness of energy usage, and provide solutions to achieve energy use efficiency and savings.
The Team:
Our goal is to provide up to date energy related information, together with providing a one-stop shop for all your energy requirement.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of your energy saving solutions...

Tommy Brennan
Managing Director
Managing Director of TCK Energy solutions. Founder and Director of Kyron Energy and Power Limited where the idea for one stop shop for energy solutions portal was first conceived. Tommy has over 30 + years experience in aircraft engineering, and was former co-owner of Jet Technology Centre Dublin

' Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.'

Ciaran Brennan
Director of TCK Energy solutions and also a founder and Director of Kyron Energy and Power Limited. Ciaran has 25 + years experience in facilities and utilities management. Ciaran worked for semi-state Bord Na Mona as well as 14 years with Intel where he was involved in a wide range of management roles in facilities operations and start-up. Ciaran also worked in facilities start-up and management in the Pharmaceutical industry before making the break to start Kyron and TCK.

' We are upsetting the atmosphere upon which all life depends. In the past, we referred to global warming as a "slowmotion catastrophe" and one we expected to kick in perhaps generations later. Instead, the signs of change have accelerated alarmingly.'

Ken Molloy
Director of TCK Energy solutions and also Founder and Director of Kyron Energy and Power Limited. Ken has 30+ Years experience in the construction industry and currently is Managing Director of Redwood Developments Ltd.

'We have met the enemy and he is us.' (Walt Kelly)


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