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BP Lowers Dome in Effort to Catch Oil
BURAS, La.—BP PLC has started to lower the cofferdam containment dome that it hopes will capture oil leaking from a well at the seabed in the Gulf of Mexico and prevent it reaching the surface, Paddy power casino a spokesman for the company said Friday.
State urged to support clean technology
THE GOVERNMENT and public services should be using their purchasing clout to aid the development of the Republic’s clean technology sector, according to some of the industry’s leading figures.
'Underwater kite' aims to turn energy tide
A new type of tidal turbine which its creators describe as an "underwater kite" has taken a step closer to becoming commercially available.
€35 energy research initiative will create 87 jobs
US GROUP United Technologies announced yesterday that it will establish a research centre in Cork in a €15 million investment that will create 37 jobs.
America’s first offshore wind farm approved
And the award for the ‘Best Producer of April 2010’s Weirdest News’ goes to: Planet Earth. In his poem “The Waste Land”, T.S. Eliot wrote, “April is the cruelest month.”

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